FA 33 / CB2 Specchio Wall Mirror

Ok, this one is a dupe of a dupe.

We don’t always know where the original design ideas come from, but we do know that almost everything has been copied. There’s a great doc about that called Everything is a Remix, arguing that nothing is an original idea, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The original mirror here, The FA 33 was made in…1933 (!!!!!). How can something almost 100 years old still look so modern?

The FA 33 mirror here is 21″w x 31″h. It comes in a larger size as well.

The CB2 knock-off, The Specchio, which I’m calling Inspo v2, is claiming to be designed by goop. (Is this a goop dupe? haaaa) It measures 22″w x 38″h.

The Dupe, not being claimed to be designed by anyone, is 21″w x 28″h.

The Inspo


The Inspo v2


The Dupe