I’m a retired food blogger, who wrote a cookbook in 2013, and used the money to start a boutique-style gym with my husband in 2014.

When COVID turned our gym belly-up, we started a business from yet another hobby we’d been pursuing for years…home renovation. We renovate our own homes and renovate homes for clients now, too.

My husband and I bought our first house in 2006…you know where this is going…and renovated that tiny little thing with all the pennies we could scrape together. We sold the house in one day, even in the middle of a financial crisis, but before you think I’m too cocky for tooting my own horn, we lost all the money we put into it, and the house didn’t even appraise for what we paid for it. 

But, we kept going. We’ve since bought and renovated a few more houses, and are currently renovating our 1970’s Colonial.

I started this website after scouring the internet looking for affordable versions of the Instagram-y, designer-y stuff I dream of one day being able to afford. I realized there are A LOT (like a lot a lot) of similar looking, and sometimes identical pieces that are somewhat attainable to us budget-conscious plebes.