Pottery Barn White Marble 24″ Bathroom Vanity

This is my first dupe! 

This is the dupe that inspired this website. Yes, I know knock-offs, or dupes, exist, and let’s be real, someone who’s seen a lot of furniture can usually tell which one, real or dupe, is better quality. But with this “dupe” I never expected to see an IDENTICAL piece of furniture being offered at two vastly different price points. Does this just show my greenness to the design/furniture industry?

Here’s the backstory…

I was combing the internet for bathroom vanities for a client. The project was a small ensuite for her daughter; so we’re thinking feminine and sweet, but it’s a tiny space. Amongst the 34 tabs open in my browser, I found “The Inspo” Pottery Barn option, and further down the “tab line” I had the “The Dupe” option pulled up from Wayfair. It took me a few minutes, but I realized the dimensions, the materials, the basic photos, were 100% identical and I could not believe it. So we bought the Wayfair vanity and it’s outstanding. 

The Inspo


The Dupe