Pottery Barn Blithdale Outdoor Metal Lounge Chair

The Inspo measures 27″ w x 31″ d x 33″ h. The chair itself weighs 43 lbs, and is made of powder coated iron. You have to shell out extra for the cushion because it’s sold separately. I included the basic cushion here in my total, but if you like to sit on a hard, bare metal chair, you can save $470 and forgo the cushion. Comfort is overrated. Let your friends sit in it, and I guarantee they won’t overstay their welcome.

The Dupe measures 24″ w x 28″ d x 29″ h and YOU GET TWO! Obviously if you only need one that would suck. The Dupe weighs 46 lbs (not sure if that’s for both or just one), and is made of powder-coated steel.

The Inspo


The Dupe