Rejuvenation Brass Kitchen Rail System

The Inspo is made of brass (also comes in black) and measures 36″ long (it comes in more sizes) and the rod is 1″ in diameter. Oddly, I cannot find a maximum weight load for the s-hooks.  Seems like sort of important information. Can I hang a copper pot from this thing, or just a spoon?!

The Dupe is linked here at 31-1/2″ long, but also comes in a 23-1/2″ long segment. It’s made of brass colored nickel and steel, and has a 3/4″ diameter. The s-hooks have maximum weight capacity of 9 lbs per hook.

For The Dupe, you have to purchase the rail, s-hooks, and cup separately. I did total all of those pieces up to get to $23. I linked the rail below, and here are the hooks, and the cup.

The Inspo


The Dupe