Restoration Hardware Aero Round Dining Table

I like my dupe measurements to be as close to The Inspo as possible, and the dimensions between these two are a little off from each other. Have no fear though, these will both seat 4 people comfortably.

The Inspo, pictured here in the black oak top and cast iron bottom option, is 42″ round, and weighs 57 lbs. The top is solid oak, and oak veneer, finished up with a fancy bullnose bevel edge, and the base is iron.

The Dupe is larger at 47″ round, and strangely, also heavier at 90 lbs. The top is solid mango wood, and the base is steel, also solid…I’m guessing.

Pedestal tables always make me nervous because of their tipping effect, but it seems The Dupe is definitely substantial enough in weight to keep that from being an issue. 

And let’s not forget, The Restoration Hardware Inspo has an additional minimum $279 in delivery fees–white glove, baby. While The Dupe ships for free. Eek.

The Dupe