Serena & Lily Oceanpark Outdoor Lounge Chair

Alright, let’s compare…

What do they have in common? A LOT!

Both chairs are polyester, UV protected outdoor “bean bag” lounge chairs, and weigh 11 lbs. Their dimensions (27″W x 36″D x 24″H) are virtually identical, and they both come in this navy stripe, and a really cool yellow stripe. The Dupe has a few more color variations to choose from; beige, black, green, and orange. 

The only major difference I can see is the vertical stripe seams don’t quite line up at the seat…but for a chair that will probably get trashed outside by the pool (just like all of us lol), I don’t think that’s a dealbreaker.


27″w x 36″d x 24″h

polyester, UV-protected fabric

essentially a beanbag chair


very, very similar size and fabric