West Elm Portside Outdoor Lounge Chair

This outdoor lounge chair smooshes a lot of style types together–modern, rustic, and coastal.

The Dupe measures 34.5″w x 30.25″d x 32″h. It has a much shallower depth than The Inspo, which makes it great for narrow spaces. The frame is eucalyptus, the cushions are creamy white and made of poly.

The Inspo measures 37″w x 37.3″d x 30″h. The frame is also eucalyptus, but it also lists mahogany. Idk. The cushions are included (unlike with these), the only material detail is “yarn dyed fabric”, so I’ll assume it’s fancy polyester. The cushions are gray, which will definitely hide dirt/pollen/grime better over time than The Dupe’s cream ones.

It’s interesting to note that The Dupe weighs more than the Inspo: 77 lbs versus 56 lbs. I would not have assumed that based on the photos.

West Elm


The Dupe